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Communication at this shop is rough, would have really appreciated if someone just told me y’all didn’t want to work on the car instead of not answering/returning my calls and letting it sit for almost 3 weeks.
Evan James Avatar
Evan James
This shop is awesome. My car looks brand new. Chad does great work. Thank you so much! Cathy
Cassey c Avatar
Cassey c
My truck was hit in the middle of the night parked in my coldasack. The Loveland Police department made almost no attempt to help me find the man driving the car that hit it. Car cosmetics made the process very simple and smooth for me and put my truck back in a state that was nicer than when I bought it. I was sure sad that the perpetrator didn’t have to cover the damage but after seeing my truck I was almost okay with having to pay it. Thanks to Chad & the whole team!
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* Avatar
Great job by Chad on my 2003 f250, full paint job from a small local shop recommended all body work no matter how major or minor it is
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Monty Brewer Avatar
Monty Brewer
Just had my 2nd great experience with Car Cosmedics. They are friendly, honest, and a breeze to work with. Would highly recommend them for body work!
Gretchen Ybarra Avatar
Gretchen Ybarra
This place is awful! The owner put on a new fender that had a dent in it and refused to fix it. I had new windshield put on and chips all over the top. The inside was filthy and I had to spend $100 to clean. He refused to clean it. Stay away from this place.
James Newcomb Avatar
James Newcomb
Great family business!! Did an amazing job fixing up my car from an accident. I will use them every time in the future for anything!
Jessica Ninefeldt Avatar
Jessica Ninefeldt
Chad did a fantastic job on my jeep that had door dings and where the paint got scraped. I would highly recommend car cosmetics for any detail work. They were efficient friendly and professional. Thanks again for the great work ???? H Davidson
Marion Davidson Avatar
Marion Davidson
My 2021 Ford was hail damaged and needed alot of repairs. The Loveland Ford dealership referred us to Car Cosmedics and we couldn’t be happier with the repairs. Chad and his crew did an excellent job replacing the roof and the hood and doing the pdr repairs on the rest of the truck. You can’t tell that it was ever damaged. Thank you Chad and your crew.
Joey Raehal Avatar
Joey Raehal
Everyone I spoke to was so professional and kind. I had a very small repair but they took care of it right away and the price is right. I would absolutely go to them again
Spencer Sydow Avatar
Spencer Sydow
They help me with my lincoln when no one else would. They were honest telling me what needs to be done with the rust on my car. Now I have my car back and the rust is gone. I feel like snoop dogg in my lincoln. They really know what they are doing there when it comes to body work.
Nathan Medina Avatar
Nathan Medina
Jeff Braun Avatar
Jeff Braun
Fixed/painted a couple of scrapes on the front end of my TT. Great experience. Professional, knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, fair and fast. What more could you want?
Jeff Braun Avatar
Jeff Braun
Destin Gavillet Avatar
Destin Gavillet
Robert Dewall Avatar
Robert Dewall
I had a plastic fender molding fall off my Nissan while driving and haven’t had one for months. Car cosmetics was able to order the new fender, and Landon put it on for me in 30 minutes. Easy to get a quote, great work, at a fair price, what else can you ask for?
Destin Gavillet Avatar
Destin Gavillet
They provided headlight polishing service on a moments notice and is not normally a service they provide. The technician did an outstanding job in a extremely short amount of time. I would recommend their body work service to anyone. Customer service was excellent. Above and beyond.
Robert Dewall Avatar
Robert Dewall
Great place to go for repairs! They went above and beyond when fixing a dent on my Infiniti!
chase tocco Avatar
chase tocco
After they did a great job removing the small dent on my wife's truck, I stopped by with my truck (which I had scratched accidentally) and they buffed out the scratch right then and there. We'll definitely be back for any other body work!!! Great people and great work!!!
C.J.H. Avatar
Took my 2011 gmc truck to get painted and they did a great job . I had 1 issue 6 months later with the trim and they took care of it no charge. Good company , good people.
Tater Tot Avatar
Tater Tot
If I could give them 6 stars I would do so! I stopped by here a couple of weeks ago to check on the cost of repainting one of the front quarter panels on a 2016 Tacoma with Inferno (orange metallic) paint. The paint was damaged, after a visit to a local dealer for service, with some sort of black over spray. Upon removal of the paint, the clearcoat was pock marked with little holes over a wide section. Because I couldn't be absolutely certain it happened at the dealer I took it Car Cosmedics to check on cost to repair. This was my first choice based on their stellar Google reviews. Madison helped me and had a technician look at the job for the purpose of getting an estimate. She was up front with me right away and let me know they were backed up till late January or early February with bookings. I was willing to wait if that is what it took to get it done right and I told her so. Madison conferred with one of the technicians and came back and asked if I could bring it in a week from the coming Friday in the afternoon (they are not open on weekends) and leave it till Monday morning. Sometimes the techs will work a Saturday and one of them agreed to do so to get my truck finished without the wait. I picked up the truck this morning (Monday) when they opened and they did a beautiful job! Except for the missing section of the clear bra (which will be installed in 30 days after the paint has fully cured) it looked like new. Perfect in fact. This was service above and beyond and I couldn't be more please. I know they can't do this for everyone, but just knowing they were willing to go the extra mile for a total stranger this one time has to give anyone reading this a good feeling. Car Cosmedics has earned every 5 star review on Google and any 6 star reviews that don't show!
cp leblow Avatar
cp leblow
3 years previous they repaired dents and scratches in my new truck and did a great job! I recently brough my truck back in to see if some burn marks in my clearcoat could be fixed, they buffed them out much to my surprise, and then didn't charge me because I was a return customer. I would highly recommend this company! They are very good at what they do!
Ken Campbell Avatar
Ken Campbell
We discovered a small ding in the hood of a 2023 Frontier we were buying. FOCO Nissan arranged for Car Cosmedics to repair as part of purchase agreement. Granted, not the end of the world, but it was a brand new truck. It's like it was never there. Perfect repair, couldn't be happier.
Donkey Sez Avatar
Donkey Sez
cp leblow Avatar
cp leblow
My new car got dinged while I was in the grocery store parking lot. I didn't want to file an insurance claim for the small amount of damage, but I also was sad to have a crease on the door of my new car. At the suggestion of our State Farm agent, who spoke very highly of Chad's work and has used his services on multiple occasions, we took the car in to Car Cosmedics. Chad fixed the dent and buffed out a scratch in the clear coat, and he did it for a very, very reasonable price. You'd never know there'd ever been any damage! I don't how he does it, but the car looks as good as new. We'll definitely take our cars to Chad again for minor repairs. Thank you for your good work, Chad!
Becky Helzer Avatar
Becky Helzer
Jeff Ternasky Avatar
Jeff Ternasky
Chad and his crew do incredible work! I was quoted a very fair price in comparison to other body shops and was delivered a high-quality finish and repair! I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing bodywork in the Northern Colorado area. They take care of you from the start to finish and give honest pricing! Don’t hesitate to reach out for any of your needs. You’ll be happy you did!
Jeff Ternasky Avatar
Jeff Ternasky
I am so happy with the service provided. Some things took place that were caused by a 3rd party (NOT CAR COSMEDICS) and they went to great lengths to make the situation right. I would happily do business with them again and refer business to them as well.
Christie Osborn Avatar
Christie Osborn
These guys are very timely, honest with there work and very well at helping us get the insurance part figured out, our car looks perfect, definitely use this shop if you need body work, thank you guys
B Tm Avatar
B Tm
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C M Green Avatar
C M Green
10/10 These guys went above and beyond for the work they did on my truck!! Someone hit and ran my vehicle damaging my back panel and bumper.They fixed everything and even did random touch ups to the paint all over. You would never know someone hit it.Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!! Don't go anywhere else for your body work!
Aj C Avatar
Aj C
Chad and his team do awesome work. They have fixed my Explorer last year. And they just finished fixing our 2019 F350. We wanted chrome bumpers put on and touch-up paint done. Picked it up and the truck looks new. GREAT JOB....
Diana Veilleux Avatar
Diana Veilleux
Took my newer F150 in to have its rear door fixed from an incident which left the side panel next to the window smashed in like a taco. They thought we would need a whole new door but called me early to tell me that they were able to salvage it and it was all done four days early than estimated. The work they did is perfection and there is absolutely no distinguishable sign that it had ever been damaged. The paint matching that was done was perfect. These are honest good people. I will forever be grateful to them for the great job that they did and they will always have my business.
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C M Green Avatar
C M Green
I have used Car Cosmedics twice this year and had 100% positive experience both times! My first appointment was to address a large tow hook that made its way into my front bumper and needed repaired. The second appointment was for a leak in the roof area of my daughter's Jeep which turned out to be a sunroof drainage issue that we had been unable to locate. In both cases, Chad and his staff were very professional, very communicative, efficient and timely. The pricing for both repairs was reasonable. I highly recommend Chad and Car Cosmedics for whatever car and bodywork needs you may have. They are the best!
Rhonda Jensen Avatar
Rhonda Jensen
If you are looking for a small competent and honest auto body shop I highly recommend Car Cosmetics. I recently had the misfortune of needing repair work done on my 2020 Toyota Tundra. With a trip planned within two weeks of the incident I was looking at the possibility of having to postpone or even cancelling it. With the winter weather being what it has and the numerous accidents the waiting list at the larger shops stretched into April. After checking Car Cosmetic’s reviews online I stopped by their shop. Chad the owner Alora and Jordan all could not have been more helpful. They also had a busy repair schedule but were able to squeeze me in. The quality of the repair is excellent. I was given a full explanation of what was done and was very appreciative of the time spent . It’s a pleasure to pass on my experience at a shop that reflects the quality of work that we all are looking for.
Bob Soderquist Avatar
Bob Soderquist
Chad and his team fixed my 2016 Acura RD to perfection. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and always pleasant and helpful. Chad offered several options to me, was fair, skilled and expedient. I highly recommend Car Cosmedics and would easily come back again.
Julie Bender Avatar
Julie Bender
Came to car cosmetics after our Tacoma got rear-ended. We took a chance after seeing some Google reviews and we were not disappointed. The truck looks good as new. If you want a professional, no nonsense shop that takes pride in their work, car cosmetics is that shop. We had a much better experience here than some of the other big businesses in town. We'll definitely bring our future body work to Chad. Great small business to support.
J Elgee Avatar
J Elgee
After an incident at a dealership, which damaged the drivers side door, the dealership sent me to Car Cosmedics. I worked with Chad, the owner to get the damage repaired. We looked at the door, he made recommendations, which I agreed with and he proceeded with the work. When the work was completed he called. When I arrived he went with me to inspect the repair to see if the work was satisfactory. They did a great job. The paint repair was very well done. Chad is totally professional, courteous and no nonsense about the work he does and his shop. I have some work I need on a Mustang I own and I will be taking Car Cosmedics. I'm new to the area and it takes time and work to find people and businesses who really care about what they do and how well they do it. Chad is one of those guys who cares about what he does and how well he does it. His customers matter to him. I'm very happy with the work performed and I am fortunate to have found body shop I feel I can trust to do any of the work I need to get accomplished in the future.
J Barclay Avatar
J Barclay
Fantastic Service! Went in for a quick door ding repair and walked out same day! Work is fantastic, absolutely no complaints. Jordan was very nice and helpful. I understand why all of the local dealerships use Car Cosmetics for their body work, as I will be in the future.
Nate B Avatar
Nate B
Car Cosmedics was recommended to me by a friend. I couldn't be happier with their work. I had a lot of hail damage and you couldn't tell looking at the pickup now. They were very well priced, great workmanship and very pleasant to deal with. Any body work I need in the future will be handled by Car Cosmedics.
Craig Caylor Avatar
Craig Caylor